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Stranger in a Strange Land

| Tuesday, July 22, 2008
But I am not going to run to the hills! I have started my new job as an applications developer in the Dublin office of the company that decided to give me a shot at something very new to me. After two days, I am getting the feeling that I made the right decision by seeking this position. The managers are laid back, yet focused. The other developers (the ones that I have become acquainted with so far) all have a very good handle on their roles and are willing to stop and explain the intricacies of the projects on which I will be working.

I must admit however, the corporate culture is a little uncomfortable. There are about 100 folks that work in the building and while walking to or from where ever I am walking; nobody seems compelled to lift their eyes to meet mine for a casual “Hey there.” Perhaps it is because I am a new face, and people often come and go in consultant positions. I am hoping that after a few more days, as I continue to smile and engage in eye contact with the people I meet in the aisles between the cubicles, those glances will be met more receptively.