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Linux, it is definatly on my radar.

| Tuesday, March 10, 2009
I have known for quite some time that Linux is an undeniable member of the OS smorgasbord. Having read up on various distros, and dipped my toes in the FOSS OS pool, I realized that I really need to get on board. So, I downloaded one of the Linux distributions commonly acknowledged as very user friendly, Ubuntu GNU/Linux. What I managed to do with this handy OS, was to run it full bore from a live DVD and save the all but lost file archive from my grandma's defunct Gateway Profile. The Windows XP installation had become so corrupt, that it would become unstable (even in safe mode) after only two or three minutes. Once the rescue operation was complete, I very simply installed Ubuntu right over Windows never to look back. I am currently contemplating either using this machine as a file server, or donating it to someone who could really use it.

Here is a fantastic article in two parts about converting to the Free computing way of life...Living Free with Linux: 2 Weeks Without Windows, by Preston Gralla