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Hydrogen Fuel Cells and You

| Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This is a very exciting technology, I just hope the test release goes well, and that Honda [] can begin full scale production. The initial release will only see a very limited test market in the southern California area. With a $600/month lease price, it is not exactly being marketed to the average Joe. The real question to be asked, is will Honda sell these at a loss for the first few years to get them into the mainstream of the market place like Toyota [] did with the Prius? I hope so.

AMP Motorworks [] has developed another vehicle that some people can get their hands on in the near future. This Cincinnati startup is converting the Saturn Sky [to a full electric high performance sports car. The first 300 'Charter Members' will see a price point of about $50K - $60K, but as wee all know it does not take very long for prices in the new technology sector to fall.