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A Change of Pace

| Tuesday, April 1, 2008
Friday April 4th, 2008 will be my last day working for Edwards Surveying in Urbana, Ohio. I gave my letter of resignation to my boss (Bill) roughly two weeks ago. This will be the first time since 1992 that I will not be working for a paycheck (my first job was delivering the Hamilton Journal News). Some folks wonder why I would do such a thing. There a several reasons; my beautiful daughters will not have to spend so much time in daycare, I will have time to focus on my health (primarily weight loss), and the jobs that need done around the house will get more of my attention.

I have enjoyed working for the Edwards family and learned quite a lot. If any one needs any kind of survey work done on their property/project in the Champaign, Logan, Clark county area, Edwards should be your first call. /end advertisement :)

So if the ramblings of an unemployed, father of two, husband of one interest you...